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Why Use a C-19 Health Tracking App?

Are COVID health tracking apps worth it?

You may be wondering what the bottom line benefits are in using a health tracking system for monitoring the health of your workforce during the pandemic. Three top reasons spring to mind. Read on and let me know your thoughts at the end of this article.

1. Automation and Accuracy

Manually tracking and tracing your employees health works well if you’re a small company, but it can become all-consuming if you’re a mid-to-large company, with multiple groups your employees interact with.

Automation takes the guesswork out of contact tracing and affords you the luxury of accurate reporting. The ease at which a “system” provides these benefits far exceed the cost of the app.

2. Employee Safety

Employees returning to work may feel nervous about having to interact with co-workers again. Not knowing the state of their co-workers health may cause unnecessary anxiety and loss of productivity.

With a Workforce Safety Response System in place, employees feel the company is making an effort on their part to protect them. Added to this is knowing the company has a contact tracing system in place to alert them if a co-worker becomes ill. Employees feel this effort on the part of the company builds trust.

3. Workforce Management

When the success of a project depends on certain people to participate, the importance of workforce health becomes paramount. Monitoring the health of employees isn’t about gathering needless information on them, it’s about protecting the rest of the workforce against the spread of COVID and keeping everyone healthy enough to do the job they were hired to do.

In addition to these benefits, the biggest goal in using a track-n-trace system is to eliminate COVID from our lives, and when everyone works together, this can be attained.



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