What Ails Construction Business

COVID Cure For What Ails Construction

So What Ails the Construction Industry?

During the pandemic, the construction industry has struggled to find a tracking and tracing system that specifically monitors the health of the multiple groups involved in a project.

Most construction companies hire outside subcontractors who work on multiple jobsites, often moving from one site to another. They might be in one location for a week, and then move on to another location while working with different groups along the way.

To give an example, if Wilson Construction Corp is contracted to fulfill the jobs of 5 client projects, they might have a lighting company, a drywall company, a carpentry team and an HVAC company working on one or all 5 projects at different times. So they would interact with each group at different times in different ways.

How do you keep track of who is working on which project, on what day?

Enter NotifyBoss

Initially designed for the construction industry, NotifyBoss’s customizable backend allows you to identify projects, and then assign the boss supervisors that are in charge of the projects. So when the lighting tradespeople complete the health check-in, they would choose the project they’re working on that day, under the right project and company name. Their daily notifications would go to the supervisor(s) in charge.

If a person indicates they have a COVID symptom, both the head office and the supervisor gets an immediate text, alerting them to the situation. The reports would specify what teams they worked with, on which project, on the days leading up to the infection. The construction company is able to easily identify the co-workers who are impacted and can advise them on what to do next.

This system takes the fear out of working alongside other subcontractors who are temporary who they may not know well. The construction company is the hero here because they have the precise records to contact trace any COVID symptoms. They are taking good care of their workforce throughout this entire process.

Other industries who have a similar blueprint to the construction trades also benefit from the ability to customize NotifyBoss because it can easily handle the multiple interactions between groups that are necessary everyday.


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