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CDC recommends that companies do contact tracing

Why do Contact Tracing within a Business?

The CDC and other health organizations recommend that business owners implement contact tracing within their business. The question then is – how can you roll this out this within your company?

Many businesses are opting to keep a simple spreadsheet with the recommended COVID-related questions to be answered at the front door. Problem is, by the time an infected employee arrives at work, presenting the questions at that time may be too late.

Other companies want to track of the health of employees and subcontractors – not just at one location, but those working remotely in multiple locations.

How does a company manage the possible spread of infection to co-workers on multiple jobsites? It’s not easy to track the interaction on multiple groups within an organization. However, who better to track this than the employer who intimately knows how the departments interface with each other.

Here is what the CDC website says about the employer with regards to contact-tracing.

Asking for help

In general, when a COVID-19 case is identified that impacts a workplace, the health department may ask the employer for help in a number of ways, including:

  • Ask the employer for help in understanding the risk for transmission in the workplace and identifying exposures and contacts in the workplace. This may include health department-initiated interviews, site visits, and record reviews to identify close contacts who may have been exposed to the virus better understand risks for transmission within the workplace (e.g., barriers to social distancing or use of cloth face coverings).
  • Rely on the employer to identify workplace contacts. While this is not typical, some health departments have or may initiate agreements with employers with occupational health or medical programs or trained occupational safety and health staff who are able to formally and confidentially carry out some aspects of contact tracing in the workplace. In such situations, to protect employees’ privacy, health departments will take responsibility for case investigation and contact tracing outside of the workplace. If employers are interested in this type of agreement, they should contact their health department in advance to discuss the possibility and details of this option.

CDC website

How does NotifyBoss do contact-tracing?

NotifyBoss takes the guesswork out of safeguarding your workforce by automating the entire tracking process. It starts with a daily questionnaire that takes a worker seconds to fill out on their mobile device, before they even arrive at work. These responses are immediately sent to their direct supervisor or boss, who can respond quickly to any possible health alerts.

The next step is completed by our ultra-responsive contact tracing system. The system can identify the co-workers who have been working closely with an infected person. Within minutes, those individuals can be informed on what to do next.

This entire process, including the questionnaire, can be customized to your requirements and translated into virtually any language.

NotifyBoss can keep your business environment safe by providing you with the right tools to stop the spread of infection within your organization. This powerful tracking system can help you monitor multiple locations with multiple bosses, no matter where they are. You can have peace of mind, knowing you’ve protected your workforce, and your bottom line.

Interested in contact-tracing within your business?

Contact us for details on how NotifyBoss can help you. Call us at 844-628-8498.




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